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Gary Eikenberry Consulting
22-1010 Polytek Street, Ottawa, ON Canada  K1J 9J1
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    Networks, Systems Consultation, Support & Training

  • Network administration services: We currently provide server maintenance and administration services for a number of clients on Windows and Linux systems. Whether weekly, monthly or on demand, in most cases the work is done remotely outside of regular business hours.

  • Networks: Windows, Linux, SME Server and cross-platform network design, upgrade and support services including strategies for integrating OS-X, iOS, Android devices.

  • Client-oriented systems analysis, operational modeling, design, acquisition, implementation and support for LAN, Intranet and Internet connectivity.

  • Remote Access: Let us help you determine and implement the most effective ways to enable your staff to access resources and work from home or otherwise away from your office. The options may be much more accessible than you think. more...

  • On-site IT support, troubleshooting & tutoring. Annual prepaid and month to month contract options are available.

  • Telephone and e-mail support: we pair you with one of our IT support associates with a direct phone number and e-mail address for personal help-desk support. Usually offered in combination with on-site support. Annual prepaid and month to month contract options are available.

  • Customized training, seminars, workshops and presentations for both technical and non-technical staff dealing with networks, web site development and management and end user support.

  • Support contract clients can monitor their current account status with our Client Timelog tool or enter a support request from the same log in at

  • Custom and On-line Database Application Development and Support

  • On-line Databases: Let us develop and/or host your custom database. We can employ a wide range of strategies to suit your requirements and your budget ranging from large scale publicly accessible on-line systems to small private in-house systems. Our custom intranet or internet based user interfaces are flexible, scalable and affordable. We work in Windows, Linux, Apple and Android environments with a variety of database platforms.

    Give us a call to discuss how to make your directory, inventory, resource list or other database accessible, searchable and useful in a dynamic on-line environment.

  • Membership/Contact management, inventory, catalogue, calendar/scheduling and other database solutions developed to your specifications. We can work with you to develop a new solution from scratch, upgrade and/or convert your existing system or customize and deploy one of our application templates for collaboration, on-line meetings, scheduling, etc..

  • We offer custom developed, highly customizable generic database management tools for Windows, Linux and MAC platforms. See our Demos & Docs page for a demonstration of our dbChameleon or Database Dashboard application.

  • Internet Consulting, Web Application Design and Maintenance

  • Internet strategy assessment and consulting services: There's more to the Internet than websites and e-mail. New programming tools and technologies are making the potential of strategies like on-line databases and <strong>private cloud</strong> or document repositories more affordable than ever. Are you getting an adequate <strong>return on your Internet investment</strong>? Our assessment and consulting services can help.

  • Our vMeeting is a highly configurable and customizable on-line application which makes virtual on-line meetings possible. It includes document sharing, discussion and voting capabilities. If you just need the file sharing and discussion capabilities without the voting, vCollaborate is also available. The original applications are written in PHP with a MySQL backend, but we also have a comparable Asp.Net/MS-Access applications. Either application is a great tool as is, but is also highly customizable to meet any special requirements you may have. Call or use our contact form for more information or to request a demonstration.

  • Custom Electronic Commerce sites: Selling on the Internet is no longer the exclusive domain of big players with piles of venture capital to burn. We bring made to order e-Commerce solutions within reach without the clutter of ad banners or the overhead of transaction charges.

  • Custom On-line Database Applications: Internet or Intranet database sharing and management is probably more practical, affordable and adaptable than you think. Let us help you put your contact/customer/membership databases, catalogues, directories, document repositories or other data sources to work in exciting new ways.

  • We can also offer presentations and training on a number of IT and Internet-related topics. Contact us for more information.

  • Data Collection, Security and Management Consulting

  • Whether it's working with you to develop an on-line survey or a strategy and tools to input or import data from other sources, we can facilitate data collection and integration and develop the strategies and tools to help turn raw data into meaningful information.

  • Our data conversion, migration and integration services can make it possible to combine data from disparate sources into a single integrated database to facilitate retrieval and analysis.

  • An on-site consultation can help you develop effective storage, security and privacy management, archiving and back-up plans tailored to the specific requirements of your organization.

  • Draw upon our extensive experience to help you evaluate and/or develop security and privacy practices and policies to safeguard your valuable data and reputation.

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