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    Internet Consulting, Web Application Design and Maintenance

  • Internet strategy assessment and consulting services: There's more to the Internet than websites and e-mail. New programming tools and technologies are making the potential of strategies like on-line databases and <strong>private cloud</strong> or document repositories more affordable than ever. Are you getting an adequate <strong>return on your Internet investment</strong>? Our assessment and consulting services can help.

  • Our vMeeting is a highly configurable and customizable on-line application which makes virtual on-line meetings possible. It includes document sharing, discussion and voting capabilities. If you just need the file sharing and discussion capabilities without the voting, vCollaborate is also available. The original applications are written in PHP with a MySQL backend, but we also have a comparable Asp.Net/MS-Access applications. Either application is a great tool as is, but is also highly customizable to meet any special requirements you may have. Call or use our contact form for more information or to request a demonstration.

  • Custom Electronic Commerce sites: Selling on the Internet is no longer the exclusive domain of big players with piles of venture capital to burn. We bring made to order e-Commerce solutions within reach without the clutter of ad banners or the overhead of transaction charges.

  • Custom On-line Database Applications: Internet or Intranet database sharing and management is probably more practical, affordable and adaptable than you think. Let us help you put your contact/customer/membership databases, catalogues, directories, document repositories or other data sources to work in exciting new ways.

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