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GEConsult: Remote Access/Telecommuting

Just because your small business, professional practice or organisation doesn't meet the preconditions or budget for a VPN doesn't mean that secure strategies for remote access and telecommuting are out of reach.

Whether you require remote desktop, file or database access, we have tested and are ready to implement a range of effective and secure strategies. Not all users and/or all devices will require the same level of access. To ensure the highest level of effectiveness and security, a variety of remote access technologies can be implemented within any organisation. There are a range of remote desktop strategies and applications available, including cross-platform options. For remote network or file access there are various cloud-based solutions as well as VPN, SSHFS and FTP strategies.

The Collaboration & Remote Access section on our Links page is one place to start but don't wait for the next pandemic or other crisis to explore your options. Let us work with you to determine your requirements and the best strategies for meeting them.

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