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Profile and Projects

Gary Eikenberry Consulting has been providing data management and analysis, Internet and IT integration, management and support solutions to private sector, non-profit and government clients since 1990.

Programming services focus on custom database development and web application development and hosting, including custom e-commerce, data collection and interactive applications. Information technology services include local area network design, planning, acquisition, installation, training and support. Examples of on-line database projects include the development and on-going management of Renouf Publishing Ltd.’s custom on-line bookstore, the development of, a self-service on-line survey application with Dawson Data International, the PartnerNet (a forum for federal public servants involved in the areas of public-private sector partnerships and corporate sponsorship) web site, developed with SynParSys Consulting Ltd, a fully data-driven web site integrated with an extensive membership, subscription, contact management and document management database for the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters, and the SurveyCentral information collection and analysis application.


Renouf Publishing Company Ltd. was established in 1888 and has, over the years, evolved into North America's largest private distributor of Canadian Federal Government and international publications. Renouf is also the official Canadian distributor for many important international organizations and government agencies, provides full distribution service for a number of Canada's leading Institutes and is renowned for stocking the latest non-fiction books covering the a wide range of subject areas.

Gary Eikenberry Consulting's involvement with Renouf began in 1996 with the development of their first electronic bookstore based on the Stydec shopping cart system.

In the spring of 1999 we began work on a redevelopment of the site to produce a customized, fully searchable, database driven on-line catalogue which continues to grow (currently in excess of 38,000 titles). In addition to the ability to browse and search the extensive book list, Renouf's custom shopping system provides a fully secured custom shopping cart which also allows the retention of customer records and the notification of customers (at their request) of new titles in areas of particular interest.

In the fall of 2000 we engineered a comprehensive upgrade to their on-line shopping system to with the implementation of a US-Dollar pricing stream and enhancements to the user interface, security and error-trapping systems.

Further upgrades and enhancements were added in the first quarter on 2001 as we migrated the site to a dedicated server and a major database upgrade to MS-SQL Server 2000, paving the way for future upgrades including further enhancements to the search interface and then again in late 2002 with further search engine upgrades and enhancements to the checkout system.

In the final quarter of 2004 the site's shopping cart and checkout systems were upgraded and streamlined at the same time as being converted to ASP.NET. Enhancements to both the shopper experience and the management of order processing were also added.

In the spring of 2006 the shopping and search systems were further upgraded to improve site performance, security and scalability.

In the first quarter of 2007 another major site upgrade was undertaken. This included a major face lift guided by a marketing consultant hired by Renouf in addition to enhancements to search, content management and on-line CRM applications.

By 2013 the Internet and the publishing world had undergone significant changes and it was time to completely re-engineer the Renouf site in recognition of the growing use of mobile and touch screen devices as well as the fact that an increasing proportion of Renouf's business involves providing digital and on-line products and services. At the same time we also managed the migration to a new, more powerful hardware platform.

We also continue to provide Renouf with web server management, network and general systems support.


Our involvement with CanaDataCorp began long before the company was even a concept. We worked closely with both Vince Greene's Greene Data Systems and Cliff Dawson's Dawson Data International for a number of years. When Vince and Cliff decided to team up with François Berenger to form CanaDataCorp to offer data integration, management and analysis services it was only natural that they would turn to GEConsult for network administration and support as well as web and database application development and support services. We continued to work with them until 2012 when the company dissolved as Vince returned to academia and Cliff moved back to Calgary to revive Dawson Data.

Coriolis Campaign

Coriolis Campaign operates a market research and promotional campaign design consultation service. We began working with them in Toronto through our mutual association with CanaDataCorp. We have continued to provide network and database administration and support services, assisting with the establishment of a second office in Ottawa and managing connectivity between the 2 locations. They operate in a multi-platform environment with OS-X, Linux and Windows workstations and Linux based file and database servers. They also employ iPad tablets remotely connected to their Ottawa-based database server for data collection in the field.

MacRae & Co. Patent and Trademark Agents

We initially worked with Jason Toy Consulting to undertake a major IT infrastructure upgrade for MacRae. In 2016 we began a second major project to implement an in house database server, develop a new multi-user database and supporting applications and migrate existing data from an aging Paradox database.

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