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has been providing creative and affordable IT consulting, support, training and development services in Canada's National Capital region since 1990. Specializing in services to small business, professional practices and the not-for-profit sector.
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  • Remote Access strategies to enable staff to continue to work productively without being physically present are increasingly important. Contact us to explore options appropriate to your particular environment.
  • As mobile devices permeate the workplace, platform independent custom web-based apps are an affordable way to keep your organization agile and effective.
  • The advantages of cloud computing or on-line storage and access doesn't have to mean trusting your data to Google or exposing it to the Internet as a whole. Let us work with you to explore private cloud options.
  • ON-LINE data management and access applications: Let us put your contact, customer or membership databases, catalogues, directories, document repositories or other data sources to work in exciting new, platform-independent ways.
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