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Gary Eikenberry Consulting
22-1010 Polytek Street, Ottawa, ON Canada  K1J 9J1
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Client Timelog Viewer/Support Request Form
Support contract clients can monitor their current account status with our Client Timelog tool or enter a support request from the same log in. Just go to and log in with your client code and your registered email address. Email us to request access information. Of course you can still call your primary support contact directly, but if she or his isn't available a request logged on-line will go to the person currently monitoring our help desk and will be passed to the first available support person.

Client Referral Program
Our client referral incentive program is pretty straightforward: if you bring us new business (in this context, the term "new business" means a referral resulting in a signed contract with either a new client or a former client with whom we have not had a contract for at least 2 years) we give your organization a "business development incentive credit" equal to 10% of the total value of the signed contract. More...

Payment Options
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In addition to cheques, we now accept payment by Interac email transfer to our Admin email address. We also accept PayPal (including credit card and Interac), however, a 3.5% processing fee is added to PayPal invoices. Email us to request access information or a PayPal invoice (please include your standard GEConsult invoice number if you have one).

Due to recent extreme fluctuations in valuation and security concerns, we are no longer accepting BitCoin payments.

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